Eagle knight Zombie

8 deer gets ready to take a bite out of his lunch.

Antediluvian Miniatures

My pal Andrew Taylor, owner and proprietor of  Antediluvian Miniatures knows my love for the Aztecs, and was kind enough to send a pre production cast of this Mixtec Eagle knight zombie from his new kickstarter line.  Needless to say, it got primed and painted ASAP!

Growing up in California, and in a working class white and Chicano neighborhood, the lore and myths of the Meso American culture was all around me. Even our Jr. High School mascot the Warriors, was an Eagle knight!

Because of this it has been a passion of mine, especially the art- and in particular the art from the Codex Nuttall, a wonderful book from the period. Sadly few of these books have been discovered, but there are recordings of the Spaniards burning thousands of them.  Dover has a wonderful facsimile of the codex. The original is in the British Museum.
Buy this book! 

It was the color choices in the Codex that inspired my painting palette; yellow ochre, that dark red and the jade/ malachite greens, along with white.
I went a bit brighter on the yellow, to help make the mini pop a bit

A page of the codex, for reference

All in all it is a wonderful miniature to paint, and I thank Andrew Taylor for the early Christmas present!  Looking forward to getting the rest of the set!

Did I really use that many paints on one mini?!


  1. I clicked on the skeleton as I'm looking for some interesting ones to use in Frostgrave.
    But, the Nuttall Codex was a bonus! I have sent ta link to my wife, who is in Mexico currently. Thank you for posting

  2. Ahoy Peter! These pieces would be great for Frostgrave, or Lustria in Warhammer. Glad I could share the Codex with you- it's a very reasonably priced Dover book and readily available. Your Mrs has an opportunity to see so many cool artifacts, and you know Tacos! Cheers!