ImagiNations: Coach painting WIP

Gilding the lily here

Super busy at work and getting ready for Kublacon- including finishing up this coach for my Imaginations game. Which of course is why I'm spending way too much time doing NMM gilding work on the details.

Stage 1 undercoat of GW Snakebite Leather- the old formula

Stage 2 adding Vomit brown as the base

Stage 3 using P3 Scaborus Yellow for highlights

 Painting NMM Gilding- because I'm crazy! 

My goal for NMM is to create something that looks more like 18th Century print colors than true metals.

 My colors are As follows: GW Snakebite leather (hard to find these days) for the base, GW Vomit brown for the second layer and P3 sulfuric Yellow as the highlights. Vomit Brown is the perfect base color as it's value is neither warm or cool, but can take on the properties of both depending on what is is working with. 

As I have done this over the last 5 years the companies have all changed up their formulas on colours: to that point I've added a bit of scale colors brand Tenere Yellow to my Scaborus to lighten it up a bit. You will note I even number them so I can find them easier in my messy paint rack! 
Note the numbering- because I lose them!
 Why not just use metallic paints? 

Actually painting metal paints on my Woodens doesn't always look the best because the metallic bits don't always have a curved surface upon which light can catch and reflect things, or rather sometimes it can pick up the grain of the wood, which is not always optimal for something like a gun barrel. That being said, I do use it, but put down a layer of underpainting first.


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