Imaginations: coach making 101

A Coach Fit for the Marshal

I started this project almost 3 years ago, as a brain storm late night sketch session with my good friend Jaye Wiley when visiting as a guest of honor for Recruits gaming convention. I reckoned as with all good lace wars soldiers, one needs a fancy coach (and eventually noble ladies).  Well one thing led to another and also the realized complexity of how coaches were made left this project standing in the wings...
The original sketch

Enter Procrastination- Stage Left!

I currently have on my plate a large commission for (can't tell you yet), getting geared up for my upcoming Triumph of Death II kickstarter, and some more edits and new photos for Breaking Lances, on top of a crazy work schedule... and Kublacon coming up.  So- what better way to procrastinate on what needs to happen then pick up a project that could happen and make it "important". After all, I do need new stuff for my ImagiNations battle for Kublacon, right?

Send Me in Coach!  

Working out the details in vector lines. Soldier for scale 

I jumped into my vector program and started figuring out the pieces. It took 4 revs to get it to all come together in scale, size and fit. I'd not call it ready for production; more like a good Alpha candidate. That being said it will be just fine once painted up for the game table. I'll try to get one for each side, hopefully with different details.

The Marshal approves and gives advice on colours


  1. I like this...a lot!

    1. Thanks Phil- hoping it will still do the job when I put a lick of paint on it. :)