ImagiNations: Battle of Woodenstadt

ImagiNations: Battle of Woodenstadt

Kublacon game convention this year was a hoot, seeing lots of old friends, making new ones, and running and playing games. Saturday I ran a Wars of ImagiNations scenario using my 54mm woodens. For rules I used highly modified Warmaster rules... probably to the point where I can, with a few  key changes, have my own set of rules that work best for this period and scale of game.
Usually I pick a half a dozen pics to show; I couldn't really narrow it down this time (and I'm still a bit... okay a lot sleepy from the con) so you guys get an eyeful. Hopefully the hit the spot. 

Birds eye view of the table. Up here is where the coffee is located.

Veteran sheep holding the center

Forthwegg forces and allies surround the city

Empress P's troops, led by Baron Fossmeisterhaus attempt to break the siege

The scenario:

The Forthweggian army and it's allies have encircled the town of  Woodenstadt, which is desperately holding out against the siege. Empress P has ordered her Marshall, Baron Fossmeisterhaus to lead her army and break the siege, and has taken her coach to directly oversee the battle. 
Cavalry advance on Forthwegg right and left flanks

Objective- capture the hill And that cool shirt!
Cavalry charge near the woods. Much carnage!

The counter advance!

Baron Fossmeisterhaus advances the army, much to the chagrin of the sheep.

obligatory group shot.
Forthwegg troops decided to take the initiative and were keen on capturing the Empress' coach as well as herself.  Both flanks of cavalry charged in as the infantry made a somewhat haphazad advance.

The killing fields. Actually the guns missed more than hit in this battle.
Forthwegg forces make a final push with their reserves.
Final Outcome: Woodenstadt saved!

As the battle raged there was much carnage, but the Empress' army made a big push through the center and ended up surrounding Lord Marshal Wiley of the Fortwegg army. Woodenstadt was saved! 
Marching over the killing fields. Oh the woodemanity!
The Empress is happy. 

It was a great game, with wonderful players. I think we started around 10:30, and had come to a full conclusion (and 11 or 12 turns) by 1:30pm.   Thanks again for all that played, or came by and said hi!


  1. The game looks like it was a lot of fun for everyone involved. These are very well conceived and painted troops.

    1. Thanks Rahway, we did have a good time.

  2. Fantastic looking game.

    1. Thanks Alan! I'd love to take this "on the road" to other big conventions.


  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Baron! Now it's your turn :)


  4. I'm working on it. Stupid Kickstarter...BTW who's the guy using the battlefield for his lunch table?

    1. Ah that's Stanley Stinnett. He painted at least 50% of the troops on the table that day. Super nice guy, but has to eat to take his meds, so the battlefield (before the game started) became a canteen of sorts :)

      And your KS rocked, by the way!

  5. Another great game. Maybe one day I'll try a tactic other than running across the battle field at top speed and slugging it out. Nah, who'm I kidding. It's also nice to see a picture of me with as much hair as I think I have. ;)


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