Breaking Lances: Birthday Party Tournament

The Breaking of Lances!


This weekend was my eldest's birthday party- the theme being tournament. Mrs Foss, known for her award winning cakes did the boyo proud, and I ran a breaking lances tournament for everyone. A good time had by all.
The cake! Anyone guess the Coat of Arms?

Yes, that is some thick 70% chocolate ganache!

Children for scale. That cake could feed 30! (and will)
the tournament set up. We had 10 players, rotating out on different fields.
A squire's eye view of the action!

The night before...

The mad scramble!

I found out the night before how many young knights would be attending- so I scrambled over to the painting table to fill in some gaps. I didn't get them all done in time, but actually got enough done for everyone to have a knight.  I'll be finishing these up this week and will get some good snaps.

Say- when can we play the game?!!!

Fair question. I've been play testing and working on the rules over a year now, running tournaments at home, club, conventions and even drive by's at friends houses.  During that time I've been designing new knights and fiddling tuning gaming pieces like the tilting trays and jousting fence.  I'm happy to say that the rules are in second final layout stage and only need new photos added, and a bit more editing.  At this point I'm being "convinced" by my colleagues to do a kickstarter for Breaking Lances, which will probably happen in the early spring, after my Triumph of Death II- KS.
Breaking Lances on the run- Testing at House Dallimore

Sir Treadaway gloats over his victory, unawares that Kev has called in the Daleks

In the mean time I do have a few of the knights on my store for folks, and to test the waters. I'll also be running a tournament at Kublacon in the Bay area later this year.


  1. Excellent stuff Thomas!

    1. Thanks Jay- next time at your house!

  2. That cake looks amazing, and I love the look on the fossling that clearly says "I don't want my picture taken".

    1. Welcome to pre-teens hood. Of course right after this pic, he's all hamming it up.

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