More Light Box Backdrops

Captain Terror and Guido Veloce race across the wastelands

Light them up!

You'll have to indulge me as I am on a bit of a binge. I've discovered that painting back drops is easier for me that 10mm Roman shield patterns, so I've diverged a bit.  Actually I'm really having a blast doing these and it puts my BFA to good use.
Stage 1. Canvas, a big brush and some wet paint

Stage 2. adding in the land.
This particular back drop is for a face book friend and fellow designer. He does 3d stuff, so at some point I'll Rumpelstiltskin him for a project that I can't do. I love bartering!

Stage 3. Drybrush and add highlights. Fossling sold separately
The trick to getting these solid is big brushes and making sure the land section is painted up high enough on the material so that when you curve it, you get the right amount of land and sky.  Pretty happy how this came out, and I did one for me at the same time.

City Stuff

All the light box is a stage!

Another idea I have for light box backdrops is actually building a "stage" set.  Here's the start. The buildings were originally designed by the talented and handsomely rakish Jaye Wiley of Wiley designs ( Jay is my artist who does all my flags and cool add artwork!)

I've taken his original designs and started changing them up for scale, and layering. This is the first round of test shots.  Now that I look at them, I want to get a bit more depth to the set, but not full on 3D.
The Rum Thief, dress rehearsal.
For this backdrop, the cobblestone road is made of craft foam. I may just go back to an MDF for this though, as the floor is more floppy than I want. It does have a grand texture though, so I'll paint it up along with the buildings and take another shot.

Right- that's all I have for now. I'm thinking of doing an article for one of the gaming mags on backdrops. What do you esteemed readers think?



  1. Awesome stuff and some good ideas for my light box. I've never tried back drops and would like to for some of my army shots.


    1. Kevin- thanks very much. I came up with the idea instead of just using my gaming matts and angling them up so you could not see the "real world" peaking through.

  2. Brill stuff. I’ve just painted some backdrops myself for my shiny toy soldiers.