Warmaster Siege

Bolt the Gates! 

This wee I got to rope a friend at work into trying out our first siege in Warmaster, using my new shiny castle. Opening shots of the battle here show my Empire knights supporting a relief force of some halberds and pistoleer light cavalry who were trying to get as many of the 10 wagons into the castle with supplies before the Orc Horde came a knocking. Somewhere in the realm of 4,000 points worth, give or take a goblin unit or two...

Wagons in, Knights out!

These guys feel totally safe...

Warmaster rules have been my go to favorite table top game since it came out. I have planed hundreds of battles using the rules and have even made variants of the rules to play Napoleonics in 6mm, and Wars of the Imagination with my 54mm woodens. Grats to Mr. Rick Priestly for making such a fun and eloquent rules set.

Wanting only the best, I had my castle assembled and painted by the talented and handsome Darrrell Empey- you can see more about it on his blog http://a28mmbrain.blogspot.com/2017/08/10mm-castle.html
The castle itself is the fine creation (and are for sale) of my pal Michael, at Supreme little Designs.

More on the Siege as the battle continues...


  1. Awesome stuff Thomas!! :-)

    1. Thanks Jay- I'm trying to catch up to you, only in small scale.

  2. Only the best for the best!

  3. Thanks again D for using your powers for good instead of evil- sure Chaotic good, but still :)