Shadow and Flame- and Warmaster


So, I summoned up a Balrog from Ebay and got it painted up.
Been looking for this guy for a looooong time. Using him as a giant in our latest siege for a warmaster game. such a great model, but like many of the older casts, a bit fiddly to pin together.

I had originally painted him up with a lot more orange and reds, as he was technically a "fire Demon" in the old 80's Citadel catalogue, but he didn't look right, so I went back to a "Weta" Balrog grey with lighting highlights from the flaming sword and cat-o- nine tails whip.

 He's a bit tipsy on the warmaster base, but in his first outing managed to go head to head with two units of heavy knights- taking out one of the stands before they were both bounced. We'll see what happens next, but the knights are none too happy about having to charge him next turn...

Epic stand off between Empire knights and the Balrog

Sauron makes the Balrog fetch
No matter how cool Weta Balrog is, I still hold a fondness in my heart for the first Balrog I ever encountered, in my Hildebrandt calendar as a middle schooler.
 More picture of the siege and the awesome castle I'm using as soon as I can take some decent pics.


  1. Lovely work, and very impressive against the 10mm figures.

  2. S- thanks! And yes, it's all a matter of scale, right?


  3. Great looking Balrog! I quite like the colors, and the over all size and form of the figure seems perfect.

    I had some plans to convert one to general my Battle of Five Armies orcs, but since I have not started that project, the conversion has not been made.

    1. lasgun- you are in for a fun ride with the Battle of 5 armies stuff. May I recommend the Copplestone Orcs and personalites to add to that army. They are smashing sculpts and a real treat to paint up.

    2. Ha, a fun ride I have been holding off from starting since it came out! I have spreadsheets of data on how to add to the forces, and aside from a few random Copplestone figures, I also have a smallish Rohan force. I even figured out that I could make a battle mat that fit the Five armies battle AND the Hornburg, because they are more or less just a reversed map (with different placement of hills and such of course)

      Like all my projects (both projected and active) just need to find the time! (and resist the urge to buy lead for projected projects!)