Triumph of Death: painted stretch goal minis

As soon as I got the first review casts of the last stretch goal minis, I primed them and put paint to them!

Zweihander attacking. 

The Abbot

Both the Abbot and the zweihander minis carry on the fish and crown motif, on the breastplate, and on the crozier and miter cap. I didn't even know the fish was on the crozier till I started painting! Sweet.

Standard bearer

The standard bearer comes open handed with the flag pole and hangar style sword attached to the base. This gives you lots of options with this particular model.
Armored Javelin variant

Javelin with hat variant
These latter two "variant" models are cast open handed so you can again have many options. I am jumping at the bit to do a pike block with them!

All of these models are the finishing touches on one of my high end painted backer rewards. They've already been boxed up and shipped out.


  1. Lovely figures and really nice painting, terrifically atmospheric, I'd love to see a pike block!
    Best Iain

  2. Good day. Very beautiful figures. Are they figures from a computer game?

    1. Ahoy Valentyn- thanks very much. Not from a computer game, but inspired by Hans Holbein and Breugel, two Renaissance artists.

  3. Earthling...
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    A: Yes, depending on where.
    Q: How long do our lifetimes last?
    A: 1-outta-1 bites-the-dust, child.

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