My name is Skull and Crown and I play with 6mm sci fi

Steve Jackson Ogre MkIII and some forge world tank busters.

Coming out of the Closet

It's true. For several years now I've been collecting and painting 6mm sci fi. Tanks, Mechs, Ogres (or as I like to think of them, BOLO's) troops, robots, Titans- the whole shebang! My close friends have known for years, and have supported me throughout tough times, like the Ogre kickstarter, and have tolerated my 6mm napoleonics.
 Now I'm ready to admit it publicly, and embrace- nay- be proud of my wee ways.

But in order to come out, I needed to have  platform upon which to do it. 


I was keen on making a new "planet" inspired by Venus and Mars and well, any good sci fi movie. Part of the plan was to incorporate all the vaccuform craters I've been hording over the years. I know I wanted an orange look, but not too orange. The main choice of color would rest on what paints were available at the local Home Depot and ACE Hardware off color bins.

I scored a  gallon of  deck paint with sand already in it, tannish color for $8, a quart of red brown for $4, and a  pint of yellow for $2. I already had a sampler pint of orange and a gallon of "Vallejo flat earth" that I had custom made last year as my base color (I use it as the base for all my mats no matter what terrrain, so my bases can match). 
One stretched canvas later,  some foam cut hills, and  a few layers of paint and drybrushing, a decent enough planet was made. 

under painting of the Vallejo brown. This is really a stain on a very wet canvas
The done mat- in the shade, so the colors here are muted. 

This picture captures the true color of the planet. Hm.. I need a name....
Troops in review

Infantry use the leviathan for a screen, and take advantage of it's shields

cute light jeeps scout ahead and worry about their cammo choices...

As my Combat! rules allow for Bolos, or Leviathans as I call them, the classic Ogre model fits the bill. I swear the lines on the Steve Jackson Ogre are as iconic as a 62 Chrysler 300.

Heavy Gear Mechs are swarmed by Skyth bugs

These pics cover just some of the collection, set up for a test photo shoot. As you can see, I'm all over the place with manufacturers. One company who's minis I am keen on is  the Dark Realm Miniatures line from Microworld games. They are actually quite pricey for 6's, but I love the sculpts.

Right, now that that's out of the bag, time to actually get these rules penned up.


Triumph of Death: Sexy Stretch Goal Greens

The Abbot

  Drew Day Williams amazing work for the last Triumph of Death stretch goal rewards. Can't wait to paint these up!
Note the continuation of the fish and crown motif

Marching open handed variations. So much potential

These stretch goals were a mix of adding variations to unit types to personalities. I thought this would be a good balance for collectors and army builders.
Standard bearer- he comes with a hanger sword.


With how well the Kickstarter was backed, I was able to come up with some fun stretch goal models. The last one, the zweihander I was seriously sketching up the concept for 5 hours before the KS ended!  It was frantic and fantastic!
 That's all for now. I've got to go sort out the latest shipment- 24lbs of castings!