Triumph of Death: Halberdiers and officer

Three poses of doom!

Undead Halberdiers

The first casts of my Triumph of Death undead showed up a couple of weeks ago and I've finally had time over the weekend to paint them up.  My caster Steve Phillips did a masterful job on the molds; the models were so clean I had little to no clean up to do. And the sculpting by Drew Williams is inspiring! I'm nearly peeing myself with excitement to start showing these guys off! 

Ranking up. These are on single bases so the back rank feels a bit far away.

Beauty Shots

While I work towards getting my Kickstarter up and running near the end of February, I've been taking some "beauty shots" of the models, and will be "eking" them out over the next few weeks.
Here's the Halberdier in march position.

Note that the halberd has an historically accurate rectangular haft instead of round.This was done so that when you whacked something the pole-arm didn't spin as easily in your hand and the blade glance off.
some excellent examples of halberds, many with rectangular shafts.

Undead Commander the First

 This fellow is based off a mash up of a Holbein woodcut and a Durer piece. It wasn't until I added paint to him that I fully realized the details in the sculpt. Super fun to paint! (okay, the hourglass was a challenge, and I'm not totally happy with it).

The emaciated leathery skin is actually really easy to paint.

That's all for now. would love any feedback you have or ideas on the line so far.


  1. Surely the army needs a commander with a five pointed coronet?

    1. Las-
      That would be the General, and I'm leaning towards Durer's death on a pale horse pencil drawing for just that! You will notice similarities in Durer's piece and Weta's Nazghul king.

  2. These are great. Will you be expanding the line in the future?

  3. Looking great..... a scale shot with some other figures would be good. GW and more true 28mm scales just so we can get an idea. I keep thinking of the weeny Minifigs chaps when I look at them.