The battle of Woodenstadt: Pacificon

                                        "No, pointier there- and there, and there.." 

A good view of the battlefield, with yours truly at the end.

Pacificon: the Battle of Woodenstadt

This year at Pacificon game convention I decided to run two large Wars of the Imaginations games with my 54mm woodens. I used a bastardized and simplified version of Warmaster, which for the most part worked very well. It was definitely a grand spectacle, and the games garnered players of all levels. 
Medals that I gave out for valor and dumb luck rolls.
Baron Fossmeisterhaus signals the advance!
Cavalry hold the right flank
Back view of the Empress V's forces.

A question of size

One of the unforeseeable issues I ran into was me thinking that a 6 x 9 foot canvas mat for the game table/ field  would be  adequate. After all, it was huge in my patio and back yard when working on it. Of course once you get to the convention and start putting all the troops on it, it was about 3 feet shy of what I really needed, so troops were a bit cramped. But as one must do with all battlefields, we took a look at the ground, adjusted ranks and moved forward.

Dead cart holds casualty markers

This unit took 4 casualties from cannon fire. The drive back dice show a rout!
The Stretchenheim forces advance as if guided by giant hands.

The whites of their eyes?

It occurred to me as I was putting this blog post together that I shot a lot of pics from the "commander's eye view"; that is to say, you're seeing a lot of the backs of the troops.  I'll need to remember that for the next battle!  
Mid battle- a terriffic clash of cavalry and grenadiers!

Baron Griffonsburg's troops flank the princesses right flank.


All in all the rules and players gelled, and the final turn had both sides losing enough for their bottle check, but then the Empress' troops lost one more battalion to a clever use of cannon and a flanking charge.   Awards were given to the player who had captured the most flags, and one to the player who rolled the most poorly!   

At the end of the day, the spoils of war were taken by the victors!


  1. Nicely done Thomas. Saw parts of the game at the convention during breaks from the games I was running.

    1. Bill- Thanks very much! Your games were very well received, as always!

  2. Had a great time playing Thomas ... and beautiful models as always! :-)

  3. Jay- thanks again for playing and being the "bold" commander. It really payed off! We should set up a game at your place sometime soon.

  4. Thanks Oh Baron- Now to actually get these bad boys up on my store!