Pacifcon Day II: the Attack on Stretchenheim

" We have just been given an insight into the Gryphonberger's mind and soul. It will be most   valuable, provided we do not die from it."
     ~ Baron Fossmeisterhaus  

The guns were deadly behind their gabions

Attack on Strechenheim

1704: The Grand Duchy of Hypzig brings its grand army to bear on the city of Stretchenheim.The Baron of Gryphonsberg, in alliance with Stretchenheim forces have  built up defenses, ready to beat off the aggressors. 

Grenadiers and guns. A tough nut to crack.
not the most in focus, but I liked the shot.
The city of Stretchenheim. Buildings designed by Jaye Wiley.

The Advance Commences 

Undaunted by the defenses and guns, and the fact that the enemy was near equal in strength (because I was sleepy and forgot to move troops around before the battle started) the Advance commenced, with their guns giving what fore into the enemy's ranks.
Counter battery as the troops advance.

General advance along the lines

The right flank, Captain Fosslings own regiment, deftly use the woods for cover

A brave Sally is successful

  As the attacking army of Hypzig advanced they were sallied against on both flanks by the defenders. the attacking right flank repelled and destroyed the sally, but the right flank, coming out of the woods were caught with their hands in their pockets (a challenging thing to do in this day and age, with big cuffs and low low pockets) and after a good 3 turn dust up, were destroyed with the loss of 2 flags.

A brave sally from the right was twarted. The left did much better.
 After that, the attacking line was not strong enough to push the attack- and the flea market had opened up, so morale tests were taken all around. The defenders of Hypzig were victorious! 

Behind the magic

 A couple of shots behind the magic" to show off how I shot the backgrounds. The lighting in the convention was not the best, and in retrospect I should have had the lads stand a good pace away from the table with the backdrop. That being said, fun was had by all. Thanks again to everyone who participated and came by to chat- and thanks again to Stanley Stinnett for painting over 50% of the troops on the table!


  1. Great stuff. You are a prolific painter.

    1. Dale- thanks. I had a lot of help with these lads, like I said above. They are quite fun to paint!

  2. Wonderful pictures...and painting!

    1. Thanks Phil. I'm always inspired by your riflemens.blog