54mm Imaginations: Grenadiers and the Baron

Baron Munchausen: Gentlemen! Don't you think it would be a good idea to silence those enemy cannons?
Gunner: No, sir.
Baron Munchausen: No?
Gunner: It's Wednesday. 

Grenadiers: Lord Spiffington's Whites 

Lord Spiffington's Whites 

As Kublacon is only a week away, I'm painting away getting troops ready for muster. Surely you, dear reader, have been in this same predicament during campaign season. On my check list this week was to complete two stands of grenadiers to fill bring a couple of units up to strength (18 figs, or 3 stands). On top of that, I really wanted to have a full battalion of grenadiers on the field for each side. Behold- Lord Spiffington's Whites. This stalwart and well set up bunch of lads are a favorite of Empress P, who chose the flag colors for them (IE she handed me the paint pots). They are commanded by the dashing Baron Fossmeisterhaus.
The Baron Fossmeisterhaus reviews the troops
When painting up this unit, I originally intended them to have white leggings as well, but they were looking a bit- erm, washed out. Blue and black weren't working for me, then I remembered the old " use a color in 3 places to build composition triangles" and red won out. I like to think of it as the red leggings are so they can wade over the bodies without mussing up their uniforms.
slightly different angle. I took this with my phone cam, to see if it made that much difference.

Lord Valliard's Regiment 
Grenadiers and a sub officer to bring the unit up to strength and fashion.
a kinda blurry shot. Again, using Iphone. interesting where the focus hit.
Lord Valliard's is one of the first units I painted up for my imaginations troops, and as such has older designed models, three iterations worth in the rank and file.  The Grenadiers fill in the unit and give it some updated gravitas!

Baron Fossmeisterhaus

The baron shows his cool under fire
I've currently designed 3 variations of mounted officers, but this is the first chance I've had to get one finished.  Baron Fossmeisterhaus' uniform colors are based upon a conversation, actually a running dialogue with my daughter, the Empress P. regarding the color pink, and how it is not just a girls color.
Side view. Sometimes its only at this angle do you remember the model is a "flat"
Hat arm is pose-able, so you can have it up or down, or swap for a sword.

I am still doing a few fine tuning tweeks to the mounted officers, such as giving them a more period saddle (these holster covers are more Napoleonic)  and making a few more options for the arm, such as marshal's baton, and map/ orders.  All in all I'm pretty happy with the models and have a couple more half done on the painting table.

Cheers, thanks for looking, and as always, love your feedback! Back to the paint table for me.



  1. Love the white grenadiers, very handsomely turned out.

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