Wooden Wars: Wargame Bloggers Quarterly

 “…I’m in the yellow pages!”
- Steve Martin-

War game Bloggers Quarterly Woot!
I’m happy to announce I’ve got an article published in the latest War game Blogger Quarterly. At Salute this year I had the great pleasure of meeting up with (face to face) Simon Miller, aka The Big Red BatWe hit it off, and he was kind enough to meet up with me in London and be my Sherpa at the British museum the following Monday, where we looked at really cool stuff, and talked game design and toy soldiers over tea, and then lunch.  Towards the end of the day, he suggested that I should write an article for WBQ, so I did. And it ended up looking something like this.

Lo and behold, they published it. Had I’d known they would I really would have done a better job with my spell checking

If you get a chance please go check it out- it’s free and cutting edge, and will make you 73% more dashing- I promise! 

Battle of Lepanto at Pacificon!
Just another reminder that yours truly and Jay White of Flying Pig Terrain Company will be running an epic battle of Lepanto game this labor day weekend (Sunday, actually)  at Pacficon game convention. 


  1. Well done, Thomas. I'll look for that issue.

  2. Whoot, that's great Thomas!

  3. Thanks Gents! I've already been approached about other articles, so this "might" become a thing. Gonna need a bigger editor..

  4. @Thomas: Is there any chance there will also be Wooden Wars at Pacificon? I have several Captains that have been eagerly awaiting another chance to Let Loose the Balls of War.

    1. Kalanar, Alas this year I am so focused on the release of Galleys Guns and Glory! that I did not have time to schedule a Wooden Wars game. I will be running two games at the RECRUITS convention in Missouri, mid September.