Today's children are tomorrow's Apprentices

                                                " We can build it- yes we can!" 
                                                                        ~ Bob the builder 

Level up!  The orange was his choice.
Work Benching

My favorite project this week was working with young Fossling on creating his very own work bench/ desk. To the trained eye such as yours, my esteemed reader, you will note that this is in fact a building and painting table. I even let him " borrow" a brand new cutting board so it looks and works just like my  own painting bench. 

Sketching practice- drawing his lego ship creation.
 As young boys have way too much energy, I built the bench at a height such that he can either stand or sit while working. The main frame is made of 2 x 4 and doubled up 1 x 3's so is sturdy enough for me to stand upon.

That's it for this time- I'm back to cleaning up rules and a few other things for future posts. Campaign/ convention season draws nigh...

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