Wooden Wars Task Force: New Battle ship launched at Fossywick Ship Yards

 “Why is the Rum always gone? !”
- Cptn Jack Sparrow

Ship yard in action, with the USS Battley in the background.

Fossywick Ship yards
Nothing gets a shipyards production up and running faster than a war. Unless it’s a two year olds birthday party you kinda forgot about (Or an upcoming convention).  Last year I gave the 1 year old midshipman a cruiser, so wanted to add to the fleet, and had about 4 hours before the party to do so.  Luckily for me I have a few ship hulls (wooden rough cut blanks) in the ship yards, and a new belt sander, so away I went. 

The party was at 2pm, and she was dry and ready to put a ribbon on her at 1:30. Plenty of time for a cup of tea while shop-vacccing the dust. 

Dubbed the USS Wolflair, she measure about 18 inches long.
True colors
Now those of you with an astute historical acumen would call me out saying, “Thomas- that is a dreadnaught era design, and as such the colors are all off!”  Well, you’d be right, but I’ve been kinda just keeping all the ships grey for now for ease of well, painting. That and I have no qualms of mixing pre WW1 ships with WW2 designs in my Task force games.  At some point soon I do want to paint up a dreadnaught style ship in those true black, white and yellow ochre colors.  Such a curious choice, Yellow Ochre. ..

Back to the Oars!
That’s all for this week- I need to get back to cleaning up my Galleys Guns and Glory rules so they can be sent to the printer.  Again thanks to all of you who have playtested or just read the rules and provided me with great feedback. Rules sets are made to be played, and if they don’t work for you they wouldn’t be any fun.


  1. Thomas,
    If you want to paint some interesting patterns on them see

  2. Mr. Butler- that is a great resource site- thanks for the link.

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