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 “The Papal Capitana steered through the melee, and smashed into the bow of the Turkish Sultana with such force that the two bows locked…”
- Angus Konstam, Lepanto 1571, the greatest naval battle of the Renaissance

Papal galley showing off a flag set.

Fresh off the slips! Skull and Crown store

Galleys for sale!
 I am very happy to say that my skull and Crown web store is now stocked with my full range of Renaissance ships!  Thank you to all your feedback and enthusiasm, and for the several of you who have already ordered ships, from just a couple to entire fleets!  I very much look forward to reading YOUR battle reports and painting tips soon.  As another shameless plug, there is a tab at the top of this blog that will take you straight to the webstore- go ahead, I'll wait.

Spanish Galleys ready for a scrap!

For the Spanish  and Papal ships, I used more natural wood colors 

A straight  forward paint job and a flag set  make for a striking ship.

Stern view showing off awnings and flags.
Spanish and Papal ships!
A goodly portion of Spanish, Genoese and Papal galleys fought in the battle of Lepanto. The Spanish in Particular were known for the largest amount of guns stuffed in the front of the galleys, and stuffed to the gunwales with soldiers.  Each group has several flag set options that allow you to customize ships.  

Note the lantern on her stern and crossed keys on the banner. 

Crew Markers!
I’ve been working on getting distinct crew markers for the various nation states and factions involved in the battle of Lepanto.  I currently have a generic “Christian” and “Turkish” markers, and a “Knights of Malta” set of markers, as well as two variations for other Turks or “Corsairs”. 
The Markers with rings are for your captains.

Eventually  The Turks and Corsairs will get more crew sets.
 Thanks to Jaye Wiley of Jaye Wiley designs, I now have a   prototype of Venetian crew markers, seen here, where I’m working on how to best paint them up. Eventually, and if there is a demand for them, I’ll have Spanish and Papal markers as well. 

WIP  Venetian crew  and commander markers with paints I'm using.

  The marker sets come with extra pieces because I know I'd lose at least one at some point. They also come with a "Prize crew" flag marker for staking claim of captured ships.  


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