Wooden Wars: British Napoleonic Mounted Officers

" Who is your tailor, Haye? ."
~ Duke of Wellington

Officers confer over who's Taylor is the best! Infantry painted by S. Stinnett, Esq.

Ahoy me Bloggys! 
Things in Skull & Crown studios have been busy, with three new models coming out this month on my Skull&Crown store!  The first is the much asked for Napoleonic British officer.

As with my other cavalry models, the British officer sprue has extra hands and hats to let you build out many variations, from battalion officer to major general.

Convention Plans
As campaign seasons draws closer, I am working out which conventions I'll be able to attend this year.  On the west Coast I'll be bringing Wooden Wars (and possibly Task force) to Kublacon and Pacificon/Conquest.  I'm working out going to Historicon, and still sitting on the fence about Salute.  It's a lot of ducats to go to a one day convention, albeit one of the biggest and coolest.
I'd love any of your comments on going to these, and possibly other conventions that I'm just missing the boat on.  Remember that I live in California. 

Battle Plans... somewhat revealed
This year's battles will feature two different  Napoleonic's scenarios and Queen Victoria's Robot Wars battle, which I am currently calling, "O'Rourke's Rivets".  One of the Napoleonic's battles ( if I can pull it off) will be a shore landing to take out a fort.  Come on- did you really think I'd stray away from  ships?  This is Skull & Crown after all!

Cheers - next time, British Foot Artillery and Hussars! 
Queen Victoria's coveted Clamper du Guerre medal.


  1. A.k.a. the Iron Glom. I always enjoy seeing these wooden figures, medals and things - especially the Napoleonics.

  2. Arch Duke- Iron Glom it is! well done!

    Brion- Sorry, won't be making DunDracon as it falls near Valentines day and smack between my children's birthdays. I will be at Kublacon and Pacificon Conquest, and am gunning for either Historicon or Fall in this year.