Wooden Wars: Pacificon- Quatre Balls bridge battle #1

" The whole art of war consists in getting at what is on the other side of the hill"
~ Duke of Wellington

Red army at the, erm, Ready!
The battlefield. River is an homage to Texas poker.

Blue army officers included a few veterans

I had the immense pleasure of hosting 3 large Wooden Wars battles at Pacificon this year, as well as running a dealer's table.  

 It was great seeing so many old friends, and putting a face to new friends whom I've only met via my Kickstarter or blog correspondences.  

For those of you who bought units, officers and ADC's from me, thank you so very much for your support.  I can't wait to see what you do with the models. Remember, bring your troops to participate in next year's battles!

Quatre Balls
The first battle found  two armies attempting to take control of two major bridges near Quatre Balls. Many a grizzled veteran (ranging in age from 9-12 years and sporting medals earned from last year's campaigns) took up batons ready to lead their units to victory again.  All were eager to get started - the medals visible on the bridges and ripe for the taking seemed to spur them on!

Opening cannonade hits soldiers, officers, and players!

The Emperor takes the field for the first time (just painted him!)
and is knocked over by cannonade. An ADC gives him a new horse, and
fresh orders are yelled out!
Having the youngest officer, Red army started off with an effective cannonade where-in Blue army's commander was knocked over (luckily he had many ADC's, one of which bravely took the hit for him) . Re-horsed, the Blue commander gave the order to "Fire!"

Father and Son stratagize
A single shot takes down a unit in column march.
Yet it does not deter other officers!
Gunners eye view of the battlefield.
Following the first turn, Red army went on the offensive while Blue army's cavalry probed the river for fordable positions and set up to charge any units that ventured across the bridges.
What followed was classic Wooden Wars mayhem. I'll let the pictures (with some comments) tell the story. 

By this time in the battle, the bridges were zeroed in by artillery.

A desperate attempt to form square on the bridge could not hold
up to the charge. The cavalry did pay dearly though.

The right flank of the Red army senses a threat from the enemy
cavalry and forms square.

As a scenario only rule, infantry could charge cavalry as it crossed
the bridge.

Captain Shannon deftly charges enemy cavalry in the flank!

Hussars start catching and cleaning up small infantry units

After Action Report
After two hours of focused gameplay ( yeah, focused children - and adults!), victory went to the Blue army who had secured one bridge and contested the other.  Much fun was had by all, with many vowing to return for the following day's battle. 
The end of the battle. Blue army controls left (bottom) bridge and contests the right.

As a side note, it really did my heart good to see so many returning children and adults, including having parents playing alongside their children or just being armchair generals / coaches on the sidelines. I am always amazed at the talented tactics of the players, and smirk at how focused they can be on capturing a medal.  I mean, look how many risked march column (aka: the domino formation) to achieve their goals!  When I smirk, I am doing so knowing I would do the exact same thing!

Next posting: The 2nd Battle of the Bridges, The Emperor, and more on medals, and how not everyone wins one. 


  1. Very cool. A great shot to take out the whole unit in column of march!


  2. Looks like a great game. I love how the kids wore their medals. I also would probably have run up in column.

  3. Thanks Gents.
    Sean, As the battles progress you will see more wearers of medals. As to column in march- if you have a mounted officer in front, he sometimes can deflect the shot. Then again other times I've seen the horse flip up and take out the column too!

    War is heck!

    1. I am late to the game, but think the models are fantastic. Just heard about them through Mike (Mikes Games and Collectibles).

      How can the models be purchased now that the Kickstarter is over?

      Also, I guess I figured that the artillery would be rubber band guns of sorts. The rubber balls idea is neat too for the cannonball bounce.

  4. Steven- when designing the rules, I wanted a lowest common denominator projectile. rubber bands were too fiddly, and easier to lose or get hit in the eye. Rubber balls- well everyone knows how to use one, and you can get a rubber ball about anywhere.

    As to getting models- my webstore is soooo close to being up. I'm a true luddite so getting all the pieces working correctly and safely is taking a bit more time. Believe me I'll shout it out to the world when it goes live (two more weeks!)


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