Wooden Wars: Austrian-ish Artillery and General

" Mojo: The libido. The life force. The essence. The right stuff. What the French call a certain... I don't know what."
~ Dr. Evil

Back and unpacked from a fun and successful Pacifcon where I ran three games, each with 10 + players, and had a dealer's table. Thanks to all my friends for their support, especially Peter Grose for helping me wrangle everything and keeping me caffeinated as well as Generals Stinnett and Miller for lending me their troops. 
The business end of the battery!

And a huge thanks to so many of you who stopped by and said "hi" - and even joined the games.
 I've got lots of stories, anecdotes and pictures- probably enough for the next 3 or 4 blog posts, but I need to review them first.  For now, I parade before you another finished Kickstarter rewards unit and an army  commander.  

Austrian-ish Artillery
Based and inspired by the Austrian foot artillery, I took my French style artillery crew and added bicorn hats  to them.  The paint jobs is pretty much straight up, except that instead of red cuffs and collars, lavender was used  to match the rest of the commissioned army The lavender Brigade .   Now I have to tell you that I thought the brown was going to be easy-peasy to paint on, but it just kept looking- well - flat. I know, these are pretty much flats anyways but the brown actually blended so well with the detail that the lines got lost.  I ended up shading and highlighting the coats much more than I thought I would have to, but in the end it worked out okay.  For those of you out there wanting to paint in brown, I found that Vallejo Flat Earth seemed closest to the Austrian uniform. 
An awesome reference painting.

 The guns  are very straight forward, with iron barrels and  carriages painted up in yellow ochre, which is nice and opaque and has great coverage. It also looks great at a distance. 

Austrian-ish General
Here we have a splendid General sporting his immaculate white and lavender uniform.  He's mounted on the new "standing horse", and is using the swallow-tail shabraque.  This fellow was a lot of fun to pose and paint.  

Both artillery were field tested  and proved themselves admirably  in the "Splinterloo" campaign of Pacificon. They have new marching orders and will be shipped  off this week for campaigns afar.

Cheers - next time, Battle Reports from Pacificon!

The Legion of Honor, Wooden Wars style.

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