Wooden Wars: 7th Hussars

“It only takes a stroke of a pen to create a prefect, but it takes twenty years to make a Lasalle.”
~Napoleon Bonaparte

 On review for your pleasure, a "unit" of French 7th Hussars and commanding officer. This is one of 6 cavalry units that will be engaged in historic Wooden Wars battles at KublaCon, this coming Memorial Day weekend.  Up to this point, I've never had more that 4 units of cavalry in a game (two units per side)  and I am looking forward to some glorious charges.  In Wooden Wars a unit of cavalry can be anywhere from 4 to 10 models plus a commander. When activated, it can either move two batons or move one baton and fire (toss one rubber ball), and can be very effective in melee. Although light cavalry like this should avoid attacking squares. 

Cavalry commanders- avoid this at all costs! (This is what artillery is for!)

The 7th appeal to me as they were part of Lasalle's "infernal Brigade", and were under the direct command of Edouard de Colbert. That, and quite honestly, because I wanted to try my hand at painting a green uniform.   After the battle, these lads will be sent off to one of my Kickstarter backers to enjoy further campaigns.

True to tradition, the trumpeter  is in opposite colors and rides a "grey".  For the officer, I borrowed the shabraque of one of my ADC models.  


  1. Beautiful figures, excellent looking colors!!

  2. I think my favorite wooden figures are your Napoleonic range. Wonderful!

  3. Yes, very beautifully painted. Love the hussar's uniform. Dean

  4. Thank you Gentlemen! Archduke- the Napoleonics are my true love.

  5. What a brilliant idea! Looks like great fun.

    Cheers, Simon