Neverwinter Launches!

"It's a trap!"
- Admiral Ackbar

Mimic cake made by my Mrs. !

Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter went live today for the Founder's pack members. For our launch party, my amazing wife made a "mimic" cake. It's hard to tell in the photo, but the cake is full on treasure chest size- and fed over a 100 people! The bottom was a three layer chocolate filled with rum chocolate ganache/mousse, the top a vanilla and lemon zest chiffon sponge cake with fresh strawberry Bavarian creme filling, and the tongue was made of rice crispy treats. (Something to remember when I need new terrain bits). Needless to say, plenty of adventurers joined groups, grabbed +2 forks of skewering, and laid low this delicious beastie!

Fighting a Pit Fiend in the Lair of the Mad Dragon- dungeon Delve
Helm's Hold

Neverwinter is a game I have been working on since building and presenting the original pitch to launch. I swell with pride at how cool the game is- thanks to the hard work and awesome creativity of the entire team.  If you have a chance, check it out! I've attached a few screen shots of zones and dungeons that I designed.
Temple of the Spider.
Guardian Fighter defends against a giant spider attack!

A scenic vista shot of Blackdagger Keep



  1. I thought that top cake might have been Rincewind's luggage... :-)

  2. Very cool! Best wishes on your endeavor. Dean

  3. Dean- thanks very much! So far Neverwinter has been very well received by critics and players alike!

    Archduke- excellent Pratchett reference. When Players stumble upon a mimic in the game, the effect is very Rincewind like!