Wooden Wars - Queen Victoria's Troops in Review

Professor  Pierre Aronnax:    
 "There is great genius behind all this."
Conseil:    "Yes, and great evil. Don't forget this, this is an engine of destruction."
~ Captain Nemo

Queen Victoria's Troops in Review
Martini and Tesla rifles at the ready.
The brave column marches to the objective!
A troop of the 17th Steel Dragoons- the blues.

After a successful foray into Venus' uncharted lands I present to you after-action photos of HRH's units in review.  Here we have the 23rd Iniskilling "roustabout" regiment, 1st and 2nd Automata battalions, and the 17th Steel Dragoons, aka: "the Blues".   

Mounted officers. One on the steel Dragoon, the other on the native "C Rex"

Showing off the "other" business end!

Officers. These are all made from mixing and matching parts.

Wooden Wars at Cold Wars!
For those of you attending or near Cold Wars this weekend, there will a series of Wooden Wars Napoleonic games being run by two Kickstarter Backers (I'm proud to say); the schedule is as follows: 

·         Friday around 8pm (run by Ken Cliffe, renowned owner of All the King's Men miniatures)
·         Saturday at 5pm (1 hour session run by Mr. Jeff Wiltrout)
·         Saturday at 6pm (another 1 hour session with Mr. Jeff Wiltrout)
·         Saturday around  8pm (a larger combined battle with Mr. Cliffe and Mr. Wiltrout)
All games are in the same spot, in the lobby outside the Distillfink room.
For more information jump over to the Cold Wars Sight
1st Automaton battalion

Robots at the ready!

Sketch for "Empress V"

If you are in the area, please stop by and play. Even better, if you have wooden Soldiers already painted bring them and add to the fray!


  1. Hi

    I am interested in featuring Wooden Wars in an issue of The Campaigner. You can check out Issue 1 and 2 as free PDFs on www.thecampaignermagazine.com, where you can see examples of Zombicide and Mobile Frame Zero as features. Also, in Issue 2 is the first Gamer Dad article, and ongoing feature about introducing wagaming to children. I think Wooden Wars would be of great interest to The Campaigner readers. If you are interested you can email me at contact@thecampaignermagazine.com

  2. Thank you Mathew- I loved the Gamer Dad article in issue 2 and will be getting in touch with you soonly
    Thomas Foss