Wooden Wars Gazette: Aide-de-Camp arrives with Campaign medals!

 Dispatched from headquarters with the newly minted  Fundedburg campaign medal in hand, Our finely  mustachio'd  Aide-de-Camp sports the latest in Paris Fashions. The stir among the officers in seeing  his dispatches must mean that orders to advance the colors  to the next goal will happen very soon!
Line art and a painted example of the Fundedburg Campaign medal!

Medals were promised and here they are! 
The Fundedburg medal  honors those first 40 backers who brought Wooden Wars up to funded status in an amazing three days! I figured gold and green were appropriate colors. Everyone, no matter what level backer level,  that helped get Wooden Wars to funded status (IE the first 40 backers) will receive a hand painted one of these!  Fear naught the rest of you- there are more medals and even shinier things to be won! 

for those of you that have no idea what I'm extolling, head over to my Wooden Wars Kickstarter!
Lots of great pieces for the ADC, or to mix and match with other models.

Not to be over looked, the Aide-de- Camp ( ADC) art work  is finished for the backers at the Aide-de- Camp level or higher.  This is the first model that comes with a true fore and aft style bicorne hat. This  dashing fellow will be mounted on  a new horse style!

I'll have mock ups showing different configurations of the ADC as well as other new models in an upcoming blog post, so stay tuned.

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