Wooden Wars Gazette: ADC reviews, Marshal's Batons and...

"Every soldier carries a marshal's baton in his pack."
                                                                                   ~ Napoleon

On with the conquering!

As the braveKickstarter, Wooden Wars, Grand Armee' marches towards the immense walls of  Stretchenheim, I just wanted to take a moment and thank all those that have thus far supported and believed in the cause.  I cannot embrace you all - because I have a bit of a cold, and would hate to pay that forward - but you know I would!  Without further ado and mushiness, here's the latest news that's fit to print and propagandize!

Wooden Wars at Pacificon / Celesticon Game Convention!

Don't be a square- come play!

I'll be running a series of games at my hometown convention, Pacificon game expo, this Labor Day weekend.  If you can, please stop by, say "howdy" and join in - there WILL be medals to be won!

Game times are Friday: 6-10 pm (for the big kids) and Sunday: 11-2pm for all kids!  

I'll also be at Celesticon Game Convention on Saturday playing in a couple of cool games ran by the master of macabre- Mike McGraw and the amazingly talented Rick Schuldt-  and of course extolling the virtues of Wooden Wars by entering some in the painting contest. A Wooden Wars first!

A Baton in every Backpack!

Handmade batons I painted and gave out as Christmas gifts.

A while back, I handmade some batons and now, with the upcoming magic of lasers, everyone can have one!  Here's examples of my prototypes, the sprue, and a build-out (in paper for now). 
What's with the bees? It's a Merovingian thing...

Brave Aides-de-Camp!
Apparently, I am full of exclamation points today! I am also starting to gain steam with model designs and am very excited about the ADC model. There are lots of possible variations and he's ripe for conversion! Along with the ADC and the upcoming Marshals, Nappy and Welly,  I'm working on two new horse poses.  

At the drawing board. I use lots of tracing paper so I can quickly fit pieces and see how they move

Artwork for the sprue; Lots of options.

Some build out examples using the sprue. Imagine the bicorn fore and aft wise.

Her Majesty spotted reviewing Robot soldiers!
Okay, this one deserves the exclamation point! Behold - the first art of a new line, Queen Victoria's Robot Wars!  Stay tuned for more on this exciting line-up. On my Kickstarter, the Robots will only be unlocked when 70 people back the project. Upon my writing of this, we're only 9 folks away, so, please tell all your friends!

Example of sprue layout. It's missing the 
back piece and may not have as many heads.
Note he is bigger over all than the Napoleonic soldier (here for scale).

Build out examples of Queen Victoria's Robot troops.
Of course who's to say that the other nations don't have them too!

Stay tuned and stuff!
Okay, that's all for now. Thanks and check back real soon! I'll close with a couple more shots from Games at Gen Con.
total synchronicity- all blue shirts on blue army side!

This evening game had full, WONDERFUL, families playing.

Sunday game with lots of parents and kids teams.

Young officers learn that cannons can be knocked off their carriage.

This fine Lieutenant sports a medal for bravely charging his cavalry!

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