Here's the finished Decapitator. I added in a bunch of Verdi Gris to give it that aged and authentic look.  The priest reminded me of a plastic Jeebuss, or a reliquary icon so I attempted to paint the face a faux ivory.

Smiley in all his gory glory!
One thing about painting verdigris that I remembered while doing it again. You really need to build up the paint to make it read right. I have 8-10 dry brushings  in some areas.
I didn't need to seal the model, as the spray paint is a gloss and on quite thick, and the verdigris needs the flatness to sell it. If some rubs off- well then it makes it even more authentic!


  1. Looks really good. Have you snuck it back yet?

  2. Blackthorn- Yep, I put it atop his cube at lunch yesterday. It didn't take him long to find it. Mission complete!

  3. Superb.

    As I go through the Lead Mountain finding stuff, I am am thinking of bronzing some of it. I did a Wellington bust years ago and it turned out nice.