WIP: The Decapitator

My friend Scott has had this awesome resin cast model of the "decapitator" by the talented Randy Bowen in the box, in his cube at work... for.. ever. About every year since I have known him, he has asked me if I'll put it together and paint it for him. As time passes we go back and forth between full color "realism" and maybe just a bronze (my idea- a real paint job on this bad boy would take a full month!).

Long Story short, I snuck the model out of the box without Scott knowing, and have been working on it. The model is awesome, both in scale (it stands about 15 inches or more) and in sculpting. Putting it together was fairly easy, but the resin is a bit fragile. Needless to say some hidden pinning and rebuilding with two part putty came into play.

The model, all put together and underpainted.
Tools of the trade.
After getting it all together, I used the rustoleum  hammerd metals colors dark to light, to get a real metal "tooth" to it. Then after drying I gave it a liberal glaze with GW's tin bits mixed with future and water, wiping away the glaze on highlighted areas.  This quick technique I learned while working on movie and stage props, in the olden days.  Painting wise I have maybe an hour and a half into it.
Glazed and wiped, a real "hollywood" broze.
Next step- verdis gris patena, and maybe painting the priests face a faux ivory.


  1. Wow, know nothing about this old scho comic. Quite a model. Does your buddy subscribe to this blog? Better boot 'em. ;)

  2. I always learn something new when you post stuff up. Looks good so far.