Ogres and Bolos and 6mm Sci fi, oh my!

I remember when I went to a Pacificon back in the 80’s, and a company called Heritage miniatures was selling little boxed kit games, including a version of starship troopers, and the Steve Jackson Ogre game. Love at first sight! Since then I crave battles with the "giant battleship on treads" sized vehicles with their potential to do a huge amount of damage, and take even more. Inspired by the Bolo books, I knew I would have to write rules that used these land titans the way I saw they should.

The barrels on these Forge World tank hunters look a bit...sad- I think I am going to replace them with something more verile.

I am currently writing a set of Sci fi rules that more of less is book marked by our Flagship games Mecha! and Starship! rules sets. The new rules encompass battles between the cool ground pounder forces of all makes, brought to mining belters or planet side to stake claim to locations or assets, for, well for wealth!

  These armed brigades are transported on Starships, which limits in general how big they are (Yay for story arc creating points limits).  In the rules, called Combat! ,(still very much in early play test phase) allows players to pretty much build any type of force that they fancy with any models they have or which to have and need a reason for purchase. For me, this means Bolos/Ogres/ Leviathans for my main forces!  Later regiments will  feature Mecha, and another is just lots and lots of "Skyth"... aka bugs.

Ask yourself- how many M1 Abrahms tanks does it take to destroy a battle ship on treads? How many would go down in trying? What a cool battle!
A shot of some 6mm work in progress. The Bolos are old Steve Jackson pieces, very beautiful to behold, and the infantry and AFV’s in these shots are mostly the awesome Dark Realm models, with few GW pieces tossed in. I have some Mecha primed, which will be featured in later posts.

Some base coated Dark Realm Miniatures models, with a rust wash.  I have added Sand bags to the front of the “Calliope”, a counter battery artillery vehicle. he's gonna need them!


  1. Great work! I can see the epic scale battle.

  2. Thanks Gents- I appreciate you supporting me in my odd scale choices!

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