Is this good ground General?

A couple of months ago I helped a fellow South Bay Game Club member out with a "teddy bear fur" terrain project. He brought over a couple of samples, we cut it, and I mixed up some paint and loaded up the air brush. The effect was pretty cool, so I deceded to take some pictures. In these shots, I tossed in some 28mm Imperial guard, and a cnverted M.A.K. to show off the effects, height and scale.

This top down shot shows three variations I played with. On the left, I cut the fur into furrows, sprayed the "wheat/corn - yellow ochre, then used golden pumice gel mixed with burnt umber and hand painted between the rows. For the road, I cut the fur shorter, sprayed a mix of hookers green, raw umber and a bit of Vallejo reflective green.

The road is just the very cut down fur, painted dark brown. Lastly, I left the fur taller, and lightly sprayed the green mix above, with a bit of the yellow ochre, leaving some of the original light brown fur color to show.

These shots have 15mm Battlefront vehicles in them. It shows that you can use this fur for different scales. Note my favorite AFV, the Hetzer, pretty much hiding in the field. Barbarossa anyone?

My club mate ended up doing a full 6x8 foot table for an ACW game,which was very impressive. I think I'm going to ustick to using it in patches, like fields and high grass areas.

I reccomend trying this. It is easy to work with (cut it outside) with some cool results. One thing we did learn; the better quality the fur, the better the results. The best stuff we ended up with costs about $17 a yard. That being said, a yard is a lot of fields!


  1. Any photos of the ecw game?

  2. Dhoop- I meant ACW. Uhm, I have none, as I had to work instead of going to the convention. Always the brides maid. I'll see if Jeff Grein, whose mat it was, has any.

  3. Yes, I do have photos. They are at home though.