Triumph of Death: Skeleton Cavalry

One of the key things I wanted to do for my Triumph of Death II: Apocalypse Kickstarter was to bring cavalry into the mix. here's some examples of the two units of cavarly I currently have.

Throwing Darts 

A classic straight out of the Breugal painting these guys are throwing the classic war darts. Cast open handed, they can also be used for other weapons like swords, spears, etc.

Dart throwers with two poses. Horses are two poses as well

Horse Archers 

Next I wanted some classic horse archers. The Landsknechts would not have employed them as such, but the Turks sure did, and these guys now all belong to one general- Death!

Horse archers with two poses 



  1. Beautiful and impressive!

  2. Yup, I'll be booking a regt of each cavalry type, and some command figures. Well done, they are lovely figures. Fwiw I may be in a minority, but I prefer the skellies without landsknecht kit (shrouds are cool though). Would love to see a death cart and bell .