Killer Rabbits: New Greens and Stretch Goals

Rabbit attacking helpless monk Vignette unlocked for everyone!

Stretch Goal Mania!

As we come into the last 7 days of the Killer Rabbits Kickstarter  things have steadily been climbing into a grand crescendo- with 4 stretch goals unlocked and a fifth one almost there!

Remember stretch goals are rewarded even at the lower $30 tier, so that's an awesome deal!

But wait- there's more! 

 I've also added in an additional pledge reward incentive- When we hit 250 Backers (currently 217 at the posting of this)  everyone gets some cool wee rabbits and snail for their basing and, erm, making earrings or other cool things!

Thanks again to everyone who has  taken the time go give feedback, encouragement and of course Backing!   It's going to be an exciting week!



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