Dungeon Delves: Rust Monster

Found: Stray Cat...

In between my commission work I get to finish up a miniature or two as a "treat". Both of these guys have been sitting on my painting table for about a year in a stage of half paintedness. It's great to get them finished and off the table- and soon, into a game!

Rust Monster

This particular rust monster was a backer reward from one of Westfalia Miniatures fantastic kickstarters.  The dwarf is an oldhammer GW figure. I forgot how much fun it is to paint dwarves!
All rust red was not showing the details of the model, so I added the Verdis gris.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!  Those of you that come here more often than not will notice I finished the light box back drop as well. More on that soon!


  1. Beautiful rust monster and splendid presentation!

    1. Thanks Phil- the monster is a wonderful and easy piece to paint up. I'm going to send it against my friends tiger tanks in the next WWII game we play :)


  2. The figures are splendid. Could you tell me a little about the low relief houses in the background? Which company makes them?

  3. Thanks TGM- the houses are a project I'm prototyping. The working title is Lightbox backdrops. Kind of a small stage setting for taking pictures or displaying your minis. I'll be doing a couple of posts on them in the near future, and if I can make it work, a small Kickstarter as well. Stay tuned!

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