Space Hulk and my hate for Genesteelers


Space Hulk was one of those games that my pals and I played during college till we wore out the board. Easy rules, lots of scenarios and add ons, and easy to expand into bigger games. Here's the thing though- I really hate painting Genesteelers.

It's actually less of a hate than a, "I just can't get it right" feeling. We've all had that miniature that doesn't work for us- Genesteelers are mine.
Someone else's fantastic paint job. I never liked the purple and black look.
Skip ahead a... bunch of years and I'm wanting to introduce my Fosslings to the great feeling of the game and the minimalist chance of survival for the good guys. I score a second edition set of the game at the local game flea market for a great deal, open it up and see all the nicer tiles... then those damn bugs start in on me.  I play a couple of pick up games with a mate to see if the rules still hold- yep pretty solid, but notice that the new fancier Genesteeler poses are all over the place and keep falling over. Dynamic, but not built for a game table, especially one with bevelled tile pieces.


So my goal with these guys is to get them painted but with the least amount of time. I'm dedicating 10 minutes each to the minis in hopes to get them to a "table top" worthy look.  The first step was to  create more stable bases, so I took a sci fi design I already had done up and made 30 x 30mm bases (the size of a move tile on the board) and glued them all to a bug. Some trimming was involved (again, didn't the sculptors know what these were for?) but the end result was much more stable.

Yay no more tipsy bugs knocking each other over!
 The next step I had kind of already figured out on a test model to see if the 10 minute paint job was doable to something I'd like/ accept.  I took all the models and rattlecan primed grey on the base and underbellies, then used a bone color spray for the top and sides. I figure in a dark space hulk they are going to be no so much underlit, so less details needed from me.

Masking was done on the fly with my rubber gloved hands.

In order to hit my goals I wanted them models to pop out a bit but still have a gooey bug feeling. I went for a metallic green carapace by mixing dark green with Pearl X pigment. It gives a great result quickly.
Ignore the slop- I'm on a timer! 

next I painted hands and head with dwarf flesh or maiden flesh (experimenting which I like best)
and claws and teeth with  Mechrite red. Then a Wash of Agrax earth shade from the top down and some Nuln oil from the bottom up, and I'm calling them done.
Buggy enough to shoot with a bolter!

In a group the details get lost and the  claws come out!

I was able to get 5 full models done in an hour, plus hit all the models with the Carapace green, which I did because I had over mixed a bunch and didn't want to waste it.  Once they are all done, I reckon that I won't be able to help myself by doing a bit of touch up and highlighting, as well as some detail work.

So, tell me, what miniatures are your painting bane?

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