Night Folk Goblin Thug Guy

Goblin Thug guy on a laser cut 30mm base

When you get a delivery of one of those miniatures which make you drop everything else and paint it up! I love these Northumbrian Tin Soldier Night Folk!

Such a fine looking fellow
He's got.. hit points- lots of hit points.
  Standing 40mm tall, or 50mm to the end of his two handed mace, this fine figure of a Goblin who's dad "may" have been an ogre  will be used as a mini boss in my upcoming D&G campaign (Dungeons and Goblins) Where the players will be goblin types.

This guy was really a treat to paint- inspired by both the model and the outstanding paint jobs that Andrew Taylor did for the company. I doubled down and bought a bunch of both the night folk and the whole goblin set. You should too!


  1. Great painting on a wonderful figure.... goblins are meant to have stripy stockings

  2. Indeed they are, Sirrah! :)