Triumph of Death: Drummer Casting Preview

Another awesome sculpt by Drew Day Williams for my upcoming Triumph of Death II Kickstarter. This guy is based on the drummer in the background of a Hans Holbein Totentanz woodcut.

This is the piece where I saw the drummer. I was struck by his attitude of pose- death does not stop a good beat- or big hair, apparently.

Inspired, I went to work on some concept sketches, trying to see how a mini could be posed and built. Of course Drew Day Williams once again nailed it!

I'm super stoked how the first set for the Triumph of Death II Kickstarter are coming along. Now to get some paint on the first set and get everything else organized.

Cheers, thanks for taking a gander!


  1. Very dynamic figure. Can't wait to see the painted figures.

    1. Springendfeld,Thanks- and you won't have to wait long. I actually got some paiting time in this weekend. Now of course, to get some camera time... Lol