Triumph of Death II: from concept to greens

Zweihander captain- looking every bit the part!

April is the month where I start picking up steam for the upcoming Triumph of Death II Kickstater- and here's some sneak peaks. Last time you got to see several of the concepts, now here are a few of the greens.

 I am super pleased with this guy! Drew Day Williams, my sculptor, has managed once again to take my chicken scratchings and make magic!
From concept
to green!

There are never enough missile troops for the undead, and only one undead crossbow sculpt from way back that I remember, so I thought we'd start off a unit of them.  Think of them as "late" Italian wars period.

 These poses will form units of crossbows, with a front rank of pavise to protect them (or to put on their backs.)

And one more teaser. 

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  1. Lovely stuff Thomas. I'll be in on this one as well. Just starting an Italian Wars mini project, so I think there will be room for an undead "Black Band"!