Triumph of Death: White Walker style

I've been experimenting on a new color scheme for my Triumph of Death miniatures, inspired by the white walkers.It's getting there, but are still a work in progress to nail down the look and process that I want. I'd love any feedback or ideas.
On my previous paint scheme I have kept to an all warm brownish palette. On these guys I'm working with more greys on the fleshy bits.
I think I darkend the grey down too much on this guy. Going to lighten it up again.

1 comment:

  1. I think the brown works better, it's more a subliminal thing whereas the grey jumps out and looks like bits of clothing that is surprisingly well preserved compared to the rest of the figure, if you were to use grey I think it would need to be much more broken up, more of a trace or maybe a stipple? Just my opinion.
    Best Iain