Triumph of Death: Have you got a flag?

Have you got a flag?!

Jaye Wiley has created a sweet suite of flags for my Triumph of Death Kickstarter, and I just got them back from the printers. Of course I had to dig in and see how they'd work.

 I took two of my open handed skellies and added some 1.5mm copper wire flag poles to them, dashed some paint upon their leathery hides, and then added some flag action.

skeleton marching open handed with a traditional long standard pole.
Skeleton marching arm close using a "baton" landsknecht style pole.

 Once painted up, I added the flags, gluing them on with watered down white glue. You can also use a glue stick, which lets you peel apart the flag if you don't line it up the first time; just make sure you seal it afterwards or it can come apart.  I used an exacto to "age" my banners, touching up the edges with a bit of paint afterwards.


Veteren Standard Bearer

With all those fancy flags,I'm in need a grizzled veteran standard bearer for the next stretch goal of my Kickstarter! This fellow is sporting a metal skull cap and mail bishop's mantle and wields a katzbalger sword. In his right hand he holds the landsknecht style baton banner pole, which will be cast separately onto the base.  A worthy warrior for a worthwhile stretch goal

 Speaking of Kickstarters- my Triumph of Death Kickstarter  has 3 days left as of the posting of this blog- so if you have not checked it out, please do so! 7 stretch goals have already been unlocked and we are closing in on the standard bearer- Go- go now!


  1. Wonderful flags, no doubt!

  2. Well done Thomas, a great achievement to have the kickstarter funded.... I look forward to getting the figures. cheers

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