Triumph of Death: Regiments of Doom WIP

 The nice thing about skeletons? Nobody gives you guff about not painting the eyes!

Working on getting some troops and regiments done as examples for my upcoming Kickstarter.
Really loving how these guys are getting that "we are legion" kind of vibe.

The Coffin lid "pavises" will be added to the front rank

An earlier shot showing more of the underpainting. 

Painted up this command figure, then decided to not use him
for this unit. playing around with a bit more rust on the chain mail.

While working on the unit, I am trying different painting techniques to see what is both the most effective and time saving. Once I get this nailed down I'll do a step by step painting  guide.

Group shot

These painted and based up guys, with a couple more additions,  will be one of the available pledges.
Maybe the painted units will be too- we'll see.

Cheers, thanks for taking a gander!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jay- getting them all "horded up" is where they are really going to shine.

  2. Absolutely cracking..... well done.

  3. Looking good, Meyer. Looking reeeal good.

    1. Cheers Baron. Noodling over basing and if I want to do a "desolate" landscape terrain mat, ala Breugel' painting.

  4. Yes. Yes, you should. Where the dead walk, all is desolation....