Triumph of Death: Musician Concepts

" It sounds like two cats mating in a gunny sack while someone is beating them with a stick!"
~  Anonymous music critic
What is more frightening than a army of undead Landsknechts? A Hurdy Gurdy!
Concept art for Triumph of Death musicians. 
 A couple of shots for some musicians to add to the command sets I'll have available for my Triumph of Death minis. 
This Woodblock print by Hans Holbein is an inspiration for the pieces.  


  1. It's a wonderful project you are working on. I'm looking forward to see the miniatures. Merry Christmas to you! Karl

    1. Ahoy Karl- thanks very much indeed! I'm excited in seeing full hordes of them marching! This time next month we should have some painted examples!
      Cheers and a Cool Yule to you and yours!

  2. I missed this post........wonderful, brilliant, gurdytastic. The hurdy gurdy in the woodcut has straight sides which is more 16c. The lute style in your concept picture is more 18c as far as I am aware (I used to own a straight sided instrument based on the one in Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights...but sold it and bought a camper van which was much more useful).

    1. Springinsfeld- Love your love for the hurdygurdy! My design is based upon a skelly playing it in Breugel's "Triumph of death" painting. Take a look- he's riding on the wagon

      I hope you still have the camper van!

    2. Oh yes, you've got it just right.... That's the bony guy I was thinking of at first. Great project. I sadly sold the VW van and bought a boring but considerably more practical and cheaper to run car.