54mm Imaginations: Regiment Palindrome WIP

                                                            "Have you got a flag...?" 
                                                                             ~ Eddie Izzard

 IRC Palindrome

 Colonel Rodney "Rod" D'Or's Palindrome Regiment
Note the scroll on the units base, for the regiment name
that's a new thing I'm now doing.
The first stand of my IRC Palindrome, adding to the ImagiNations "famous regiments" roster for an article I'm writing.

 This unit was totally inspired by an other historical unit that my pal Saxon Dog has been painting and posting on his blog   which you can see by clicking the link. I'd thought I'd mimic him, and see if I could catch up with him. This is one of the pics he posted.
The inspiration!
Evolution of a flag 

The Dog used the famous Flag of War flags made by Iain Duncan. Iain is sending me some scaled up versions of his cool flags, but in the mean time, I need at least one. Here is the process in which I made my flag for the Palindrome regiment.  The ram is indicative of the duchy of Fossburg from whence the unit comes. Fossburg's two major resources are fine gun stocks and prized sheep.

blue pencil sketch
Here the flag is outlined with a sharpy
painted version before cutting. Note I changed the shield pattern.

I've also been working on a design of a new medal of order: The Moldy Fleece.
More on this later, but here's the line art.

 Cheers, and thanks for taking a gander!


  1. MW- Thanks very much! We can't take these wargames too seriously, or we all end up playing Risk.