Wars of the ImagiNations: 54mm Grenadiers

                            "... A life in Flanders for you then, would be a fine vacation- oh!..." 
                                                                                  ~ Recruiting sergeant, Ireland. 

54mm Grenadiers

Representing a more British-ish grenadier, these strapping fellows stand tall at a proud 74mm from bottoms of their well groomed shoes to the top of the mitre's tassel, and with 3 mustache and 2 clean faced variations, definitely formidable fellows!

Filling in my eminently impend launch of this range of woodens,  The grenadiers were a must. This current version has his musket at the ready to charge home with cold steel. I have two more arm variants I'm working on with musket on rest (like he's loading) and another lighting a grenade.

Back showing bayonet sheath.

For some reason this fellow took a long time to draw out and get right, going through at least 3 iterations. I'm pretty happy with the current results, and I'm sure that they will take many a redoubt on the battlefield! 

Converged Grenadier Battalion

Grenadier battalion with officer. 
 Here's a shot of an (mostly) unpainted grenadier battalion that was used in a play test game today, which I'll share in the next blog post. To make this unit work, I also made a drummer and standard bearer, but kept the officer in his fancy dress clothing. 

When building out miniatures, especially unit based ones, you often forget that they are going to be next to others, and it really helps if sometimes you put them all together to see if they are actually going to fit and not knock coat tails, sword scabbards or elbows. 

Comparison shot of painted next to unpainted.
 I only have had time to finish painting one up, but need to get a ton more done before Kublacon game convention in May.
Second iteration drawing. White is my "greens" in the Wooden Wars biz.

The cap that inspired it all!


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    1. Merci Phil- I am always inspired by your blog, in particular the Louis XIV section.

  2. Excellent figure... I really like this WSS project.

    1. Thank you Springinsfeld.I'm really looking forward to having them all out for the big battle- and then public release!