Sheep Happens!

                                                   Nick Park is my personal Hero! 
                                                                                          ~ me

80mm Wooden Wars soldier guards the flock.

 Feeling Sheepish

 So, as I am designing my games for the upcoming convention, the check list comes out: Trees- check! Gabions- check!  Buildings- not painted yet, but Check!  Animals... whaiddaminnut. Hm...

Thus began a sketch that turned into a drawing that turned into a vector line that turned into giggling as they got cut on the laser-inator MkII. Then, because you can't wait for such things, a very late night painting up a few- and strategically placed where the Mrs. and the wee Miss would find them in the morning!
54mm Grenadier and super fluffy sheep.


What good are sheep you ask? (okay, my Scots friends did not ask that). Well, they look cool, can be used as objectives and of course as a GM, they can keep getting in the way of troops, or get into a boat on the beach causing it to float out to sea, etc. 
That point when giggling happened.

 Expanding the Farm

Like Napoleonic models, you can just stop with one army or scale. I've already got a goose and a cow, and the faithful dog in all British paintings, on the drawing board, but don't expect them till maybe  the fall.

This one's hair is in the shape of a big wig, but hard to tell. I'll paint another in a bolder color.
Only slightly less fluffy from the side.

 And lastly, I'll leave you with the video I first saw of Nick Park's work, Creature Comforts