54mm ImagiNations: Deaders

                                                  " There dead, they're all messed up..." 
                                                                  ~ Sheriff, Dawn of the dead

Artillery takes out an entire stand of the Stretchenheim fusiliers!

Stiff as a board! 

So after the last post, my friend and gaming buddy Matt H. looked at my last post with the ImagiNations play test, and exclaimed with a wry sadness, " what- no dead guys?" Now Matt puts on fantastic looking (and entertaining) games, so he does have some street cred to put the smack down like this.
Challenge Extended...

Challenge Accepted!
Current dead poses. Note x's for eyes- my son's idea.

I did up a couple of quick drawings, then using them as reference, went into my "Lasercad" program, grabbed a bunch of my current soldiers and started cutting and posing. At first I made the deaders with pose-able arms and separate guns, but after building them decided that the multiple layers made them look to much like knocked over troops. One piece flats work well and are remarkably fun to paint. Eventually I'll make face down guys, but this will more than do for the time being!

These of course will be used as casualty markers during the game, placed behind the unit instead of using dice.  I went for the all greyed out to show that they are "deaders" and so they can be used universally.
Typical player's POV of his deaders
The curious challenge for these guys was, that my standard wooden soldiers are a bit "formally" posed by design, which adds to the fact that they are wooden soldiers. When making the deaders, I had to reel it in a bit from my first poses because they were looking far too "natural".  The X's over the eyes was my son's brilliant idea!

I remain, your most Obd't toy maker...


  1. Replies
    1. And you shall have Oh, Baron!

  2. Hats off to the discipline of the Stretchenheim fusiliers, standing fast while 1/3 of the formation is wasted by artillery.

    1. Corporal- they are stalwart lads at that!

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