Oldhammer: Dwarf Organ Gun

" Don't fire till the see the yellow of their teeth!"
~ Snorri Grimbash, gun commander in the second goblin wars.

Perfidious Boomage

With all the Oldmaster bubbling to the top of the gaming world these days (and yay for that) as well as my group jumping into Kings of War with an "old school" passion, it's gotten me excited too. Out came my war boxes, and I started cleaning up and adding to my much beloved dwarf army. This organ gun was a piece I started a couple of years ago and decided this week to finish up and get some shots.

The carriage is a plastic version that came with the Empire plastics troops. I built up the breach, added the wings from a banner pole, then set the barrels, which are from my own Pirates! miniature battles on the high seas cannon.  The crew are a mix of Maurader Miniatures and GW; the engineer is more "modern" , probably from the 2,000's.

I'm excited about playing with these toys again.

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