Wooden Wars Task Force: Flat Tops

" Midway thrust the warlords back on their heels, caused their ambitious plans... to be cancelled, and force them on an unexpected, defensive role. 
~ S.E. Morison, U.S. Navy's official historian

This flat top is "based"  off the hornet class

Flat Top

Look at that grain! 
I've finally gotten around to a commission a pal of mine has wanted for a while- his own carrier to play Wooden Wars Task Force. 
The ship is made mostly of a lovely piece of poplar that I got at my local lumber yard, simply because it was such a nice piece of wood. Bit of a shame to paint it, so I made sure I got pics of it raw. 

She measures in at 22 inches, and with a compliment of planes, has been hand delivered by the finest shop girl  my Mrs.) to my pal in  Montreal. 

 Guest Shipwrights 

Heres a few shots of fellow bloggers who are playing WoodenWars Task Force and have built up some cool ships!  

"Croc" is a Joey Scout leader in Australia- He's working with his troop in building ships. He tells me that his fine battleship actually floats! 

So cool- and look at all those guns!
Chris is a local teacher and a member of my local, the South Bay Game Club, who has taken on an entire couple of navies and kids to match as an after school program. He has the kids making ships using foam and straws. Very cool- I love the dreadnought designs

This kind of thing inspires me to do more! Thanks Chris!

Thanks guys for sending the pics, and the Enthusiasm to spread making and gaming to our younger arm chair generals!  If you out there in bloggerland have made any ships, or painted up wooden troops, I'd love to see pics!

Rules and Blue prints 

I've been getting  quite a few emails and requests for blue prints and rules. As to blue prints I don't have anythign official, but have sent tracings of my ships. The rules however are in a good working state and I'd be glad to send you a free copy.

That being said, I'm working towards putting the rules and some blue prints (as well as how to's) up in one of the major gaming mags.  Stay tuned and we'll see if anything pans out!

Coolness in one picture!


  1. got a teeny bottle of Champagne to smash on it?

    1. Baron, we had some but the Leprechauns got to it first!


  2. It appears I need to get some more pictures. Students have taken to the wood shop in the recent past. Those models have taken a real beating.
    On the left is the IJN Mikasa. The next three from the left are Garibaldi Class cruisers, one of which was the IJN Kasuga. A very easy model to make and have it look like the original.
    A copy of Jane's from 1905 or 1906 (I don't recall) is really helpful.

  3. Chris- I would love to see more pictures!

  4. A lot of fun to be had with those!