Galleys Guns and Glory! Rules now for Sale on the Skull and Crown Web Store

Rules Release!
Skull and Crown is happy to announce that our new Galleys Guns and Glory! full-color rules are up for sale on our webstore in both hard copy and PDF form. Just click the link in this line or go to the webstore tab at the top of my blog page.

Galleys Guns and Glory! is designed to play tabletop naval battles with fleets of cannon packing oared galleys, in a time frame from roughly 1500-1650. The rules are designed to work at "convention level," which means you can learn the rules in less than five minutes, get jump in and start playing – making a couple of n00b moves, (or spectacular advances) and come away with a story or two to tell at the bar.

Management of each ship and its crew are visual, making it easy to account for as the crew and damage to the ship are represented on the models – leaving little to no paperwork!

Illustrations in the book help teach the rules. Yay visual learners!
A Maltese galley and gaming bits
Games can be played ranging in scale from small corsair raids of a few ships, to "epic" grand battle refights such as Lepanto – with over 100 ships! With an emphasis on maneuvering, the brutality of gun fire, sky darkening fusillades of small arms and intense melee boarding actions that would ebb and flow across ships, GGG! has something for everyone!

Special Blogger Love Deal! 
When you order a hard copy of the rules, or any ships by the end of the year- mention that you saw this on my skull and Crown blog and I'll toss in some cool extra bits! 

Batttle of Lepanto Game
A Knights of Malta Prize crew Marker holds a Turkish galley 


  1. Great to see you have done it Thomas - congrats!!


    1. Thanks Furt! Yeah, it took a while (mostly because of incorporating great feedback from playtesters) but it's really taken off! Thanks for supporting GGG!