2015- A new campaign Season!

 “Is it Campaign season yet?!”
- Attributed to Marshal Blucher
Happy New Campaign Season!
First off, a very happy new year to all my bloggy friends!  I hope you are looking as forward to this campaign season as I am.  There was some thought into doing a 2014 retrospective, but the holiday season is my time off from my day job and my super busy time in evil Foss Laboratories making presents and getting ready for the new year. 

What’s up for the New Year?- Let’s just take a look!

Cover art Rough sketch by Mr. Upton, esq.

Galleys Guns and Glory rules!
GGG! Is coming along nicely; the rules are being tightened up and ready for layout by the end of this month. The amazing Colin Upton is doing the cover and hopefully some illustrations as well. GGG! has had over a dozen in-house and independent play tests with handfuls of wonderful play testers across the globe.  As a game designer, I can never praise enough the importance of play testers and Quality assurance (QA) as my front line of defense- defense against me doing something dumb in my rules or a system, or leaving a big gap in my rules ( such as starting fires but forgetting a rule to put them out!) or finding ingenious ways to bend and break the rules.  A serious big thanks to all my play testers!!  

Galleys face a fleet of Turkish corsairs in galliots- GGG playtest

Galleys and more Galleys!
Five different ship models (plus two variations) are just about dialed in and ready for full production. The models are clean easy kits to build, very sturdy and great for wargaming. They also are designed to be easily detailed and expanded upon.

 I’ve been very fortunate to team up with Jaye Wiley Design (aka Baron von J)  who created a scad of beautiful period flags, banners, pennants and awnings for the ships- all of which will be included as part of the kits.

Spanish Galleys- complete with crew.
 Note the awnings and Fusta damage dice holders.
On the Wooden Work Bench: Galliot
Western Galley
Turkish Galley
Western Gallea Grossa/ Lanterna
Turkish  Gallea Grossa / Sultana
Each ship will be supplied with a set of high quality flags and awnings, and crew and captain markers. Larger ships will also have a “fusta” damage dice carrier.  

A very low rez set of Christian galley awnings by J. Wiley
If all goes well, Galleys Guns and Glory! Aalong with the ships will be in my store by the end of February.

Concept for The Indigs of Venus.
Queen Victoria’s Robot Wars
The alien “Cytherian” troops are on the way! I’ve got at least three new models to add to the QVRW range on the drawing board for this year.

I don't have any concepts of upcoming Napoleonic stuff yet,
 but damn if this doesn't inspire me!
This is the line that can never-not grow! On the workbench for Napoleonic ranges in 2015 will be highlanders and dragoons, and the Iron Duke himself.  I’m also toying with wagons and carts for this range, and finally, a starter set.

Buildout of a musketeer. I plan to use these for my Imaginations

Wars of Spanish Succession
I’ll be the first to admit, I love big cuffs-and I can’t deny! This started out as a commission and may grow into something larger… or smaller?  Stay tuned on more for this!


 Salute and other Conventions!
Last year I was supposed to make it to Salute in London, but a few months before hand, our 15 year old car bit the dust, the fridge died and the washer and dryer- apparently on a suicide pact- also croaked. To top it off, the Mrs. was laid off. Suffice to say, the war chest was drained!  This year however, I’m gunning to make it to Salute and run a Wooden Wars game, as well as showing off my toys, and hopefully looking to strike a deal with someone in the U.K. in licensing my Wooden Soldiers there.

I’m also planning to travel across the states to other Convention venues, and of course be at the awesome local California conventions Kublacon and Pacificon.   If you have a great convention you attend, and you think Wooden Wars or GGG! May fit the bill, please to let me know!

My Secret Sauce is my awesome family!
Secret Sauce!
That already seems like a ton of stuff, but I have to admit I have two other project ideas in the works. We’ll see how they do in Fossling proving grounds before they see the light of this blog though.

Personal Projects!
What? Things I want to paint? At some point this year I'm hoping to finish up my 10mm ancients armies, and get my wonderful Claymore Castings 100 years wars type guys done- as well as the odd dwarf or three.  A boy can dream, can't he?
Time to hit the painting table- Stay tuned for more mayhem!

Cheers and happy New Year!

Another project for the year- supping up this rat bike!






  1. It would be great if we could get your soldiers over this side of the pond.... Black Hat miniatures might be up for it, the owner Mike is very much into Little Wars, so could be worth a try. I would be very keen if you expanded the WSS range, with crazy wigs on the generals etc.

  2. Lord Springfield- Yes, WWS with crazy wigs and all! Thanks for the tip about Black hat. Actually I sell quite a bit of Wooden Wars soldiers in the U.K. and Australia, but the shipping is dreadful. Getting someone to produce over the pond would be ideal.


  3. A great post for the new year! As one of the very fortunate play testers of GGG, I must say the punters are in for a real treat with this one. Man the oars!!


  4. Looks good. I can hardly wait for the Highlanders.
    Have you considered doing the tesla rifles & accessories as a separate item so we could have QVRW Highlanders & French Infantry?
    And how about those green Martians? Big guys with 4 arms, rides an 8 legged steed?

  5. Brion- I have not considered doing a different gun for the Napoleonic troops, but one of the QVRW models slated this year is a highlander.
    Venus First- We'll Conquer Mars next!