Wooden Wars: Assault on Fort Fosslingheim

 “That Vauban fellow really could learn a thing or two from Fosslington...”
- attributed to Marshall Villars, in the OSPREY “Battles of the Wooden Wars” series.

The attacker's grand battery eyes the stalwart fort.

Opposing Leaders
The dashing young Marshal Fosslington - 
Young Marshal Fosslington fires his guns at incoming cavalry!
Although young in age, Marshall Fosslington is a veteran of many campaigns and was always at the forefront of the Wooden Wars.  In fact, it was Fosslington’s first forts, and their ability to withstand cannonades, that started the Wooden Wars machine.  Many a stolid soldier has been tossed about and knocked over attempting to take such stalwart castles of block.   Today would be another such historical battle.   
The Dread Baron von Papa Foss
The Evil Baron von Papa: "Bring it on!"
A couple of weekends ago, the Dread and Evil Baron von Papa Foss lead an assault on the stalwart Fort Fosslingheim. He brought with him two units of Light Cavalry, his brave Infantry, including a battalion of crack Grenadiers, and a battery of 3 guns to take the walls.  As he rode up and down the ranks encouraging his troops and looking for a weak spot in the fortress, his men shouted “Papa- Papa”!  (It was only later that he realized the shouts were coming from the youngest Foss-ling, requiring a knot be undone from a yo-yo…)

Fort Fosslingheim
Guards atop the wall scour the area for enemy movement.

A top down view of the structure reveals that the young
 Fosses are still playing with my 2 year old prototypes!
Fort Fosslingheim is a traditional four sided affair with reinforced walls, designed by the defender.  Using the land to his advantage, Fosslington planted large trees to help shade his soldiers and give added protection against cannonade.  The base is a Saltillo tile, which, being a bit uneven in surface layout makes rubber projectiles bounce erratically. 

Fosslington cleverly places his guns on each side of the fort
defending the gates and the ravelin.
Being up-to-date with the most modern of designs, the fort boasted a strong forward facing ravelin, which hid and protected an entire unit of cavalry.  These cavalry would be the undoing of the attackers.

The Battle Commences

Fosslington fired his guns against the oncoming army, striking true; with one shot he managed to knock over an entire light cavalry unit.  The assaulting infantry charged forward while their grand battery fired in return. The balls flew as aimed, only to richochet off of the strong Fortress walls. Luckily they did not hit any friendly units.  After the smoke had cleared, it was noted that one of the defenders had fallen from the walls.


Several attempts were made on the fort, with the infantry on the left flank taking out a gun and getting all the way to the walls, while the cannon smashed holes in the fortress and breached a door.  Alas, it was too late, as on the attacker’s right flank, the fortresses cavalry rode down a battered battalion of grenadiers, then charged on to take the guns and capture the enemy general.  Victory for Marshal Fosslington!!!

Grenadiers fail to form square before the cavalry hits them.
The butcher's bill was high.
Elite Hussars then charge the guns, capturing
the enemy general and winning the day!

Laurels were piled at the feet of young Marshal Fosslington, who in victory was gracious to his father.  Reparations were signed, with the now vanquished Baron von Papa Foss agreeing to put away all the soldiers and blocks, and painting a medal of choice for the victor.  
Fossling chose the largest of the medals, of course!
This battle took place as surprise to me. My son had built a fort while I was in the atelier painting.  He called me out, and challenged me to battle! Needless to say, I didn't get much painting done for the next hour and half - and after that, I was additionally painting a medal!
All in all, a great day for Wooden Wars, the young Foss and for a proud (albeit vanquished) Papa.




  1. Charming! Young 'uns these days: no respect. :-)

  2. So when do we get the expansion with the rules for Siege-Carpenters?

  3. Brion- curiously enough, I am currently working on a commission for War of Spanish Succession soldiers... for a certain Baron... so a star fort can't be that far off!